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Advanced Energy Healing specializing in supporting highly sensitive and multi-sensory children and adults living their lives with greater mastery of their gifts and abilities. Email me at

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  • Complimentary Phone Discovery Session

    Together, we are meeting for a 15 minute Phone Consultation to determine what your needs and desire are and to guide you through the amazing array of services I offer to support you and your family on the Journey of Health & Happiness!

  • Intuitive Reading & Guidance Support Session - 25min $111
    Your in-depth and comprehensive Intuitive Reading will encompass the interpretation of a wide range of energetic patterns presenting in your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bioenergetic fields to discern "root" causes of dis-ease, conflicts, restrictions and blockages to facilitate high levels of empowerment on your Journey creating Health and Happiness! 
  • Initial Consultation

    In the Initial Consultation, we discuss your unique and specific issues, create a plan of care, and you receive advanced energy healing specifically designed to address your needs. For more information ~

  • Advanced Energy Healing Session

    • Session - LIVE Remote (80 min) $222
      Remote advanced energy healing session is for adult clients or 1 parent / 1child client. will be done via phone or video recording. Remote Sessions done by phone will include a digital recording of our session.  Please specify whether adult or parent/child.
    • Relationship Building Package $555

      The Relationship Building Package is a set of  3 (90min) Sessions that is a LIVE Remote process. The Program supports you in building relationships from a deep, loving and compassionate way of experiencing the world through relating with yourself, others and life's circumstances!

    • Advanced Energy Healing for Expecting Moms (10 - 60min appt) $136
      Our commitment together is 10 Sessions, monthly throughout the whole Perinatal process, priced at $145 per Session. You can start working with anywhere through your pregnancy process (preconception through post-partum stages).
    • Family Mentoring Course - (80min Session) 8 week Course $333
      The Family Mentoring Course is an 8 Week Course at $333 per week. Each week, please sign up for your scheduled 80min (in office or remotely). Your family receives in depth support to transform many types of health, emotional and cognitive needs to support relational skill building.
    • Remote Allergy Relief Session - 50 min $147
      Clear your Allergies in the privacy of your own home and relax! Its Fast, Easy, Non-Invasive and Fun!
    • Child Energy Healing LIVE Remote Session - 25min $99
      All Children of all ages (Newborn through 16yrs) are welcome to experience a Pediatric Advanced Energy Healing 25 min Session either Remotely or In Office after parents have been through the Initial Consultation process to establish care for their children.
    • Group Online Courses

      Join in and experience ways to support your Highly Sensitive Self. These Online Classes and Energy Healing Sessions are fun ways to grow, while learning about deeper ways to relate to your self, others and life circumstances to bring full  and vibrant health back in to your Life!

      Live and interactive video-conferenced Energy Healing Classes. Option for complete privacy. Join in anytime. Learn more in the Energy Healing Courses.

  • Support for the Parent of a Highly Sensitive Child (80 min) $280
    Together we discover the root causes of the high sensitivities in your child. Provide Energy Healing for You creating a calm and balanced parent. We also explore empowerment strategies for you to deepen your family's desired way of relating through discovering how to deepen Emotional Learning (tools to teach your son/daughter), overcoming Social Challenges, school choices and self empowering tools to promote the child's own healing process.
  • Holiday Gratitude Package from Ashley Lee Healing $333

    Join AshleyLeeHealing for 3 - One Hour Sessions to create the Level of Healing you are desiring for your and your Family, remotely on the phone, on videoconferencing or a night while you sleep! The package is designed to support the ongoing work and transformation of already present client's of Ashley Lee Healing.

    My gratitude goes out to all of you who take the plunge, dive off and jump in to the Pool of Possibilities, creating the level of healing you desire!

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