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Karyn Kraus Smith
Learning our own Healing Power! The healing we all have received, working with Ashley is immeasurable. We are learning the true healing power we all have is within ourselves. Ashley teaches us and our children empowerment. We are so grateful to have Ashley in our lives. She is as authentic as they come. Thank you Ashley for all you do!
Her remote work really works!! I have to say, I was skeptical about being worked on remotely but it was the only way I could fit it in my schedule. I was feeling really unwell and Ashley worked on me remotely. I woke up the next morning feeling so much better, and also more at peace in my body than I have in my whole life. I don't know how she does it, but it really works!
Meredith Bressie-Herrenbruck
What an Amazing Healer! I have worked with Ashley for myself and for my children and am in awe of her knowledge, compassion and understanding of what we hold in our consciousness and the results that can occur, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her powers of observation are astounding. What an amazing healer and friend. Thank you, Ashley!
AnneP, Los Angeles, CA
You taught me how to heal my son My 4 yo son had a fever of 101. I tuned in and got that it was a spiritual problem at the root cause. I asked him if he wanted to let it go and he said yes. I saw the fever started to abate and within 1 hour he dropped 2 degrees and began acting his normal self again. This stuff works! I feel so empowered as a mom...and not afraid of fevers anymore!! This is so cool, I can't even begin to express my joy at being a more helpful mom when my little ones are hurting or in pain and I can help them in a more helpful way than Tylenol. I'm blown away. Thank you! NOTE TO MOMS/DADS: It's easy to do...Ashley will teach you how in her class for parents. I'm so grateful I took her class.
Kalei M. Roanoke, VA
It's so much easier to do my Homework! "It was great! This morning I woke up relaxed and refreshed which is definitely helpful and made it easier to do homework! Thank you"
Kathrin L
Easy, time saving and gentle healing process My first go-to is Ashley when anything is wrong with my kids. The remote advanced healing sessions are easy and time saving. Instead of taking my kids to the pediatrician, we work with Ashley first; and usually it works! Her work is so much more gentle than e.g. a hefty does of antibiotics. Most of the time, Ashely is able to help and we don't have to go to the pediatrician at all. If it's necessary she will tell us, which I so appreciate about her. Tapping into this new world of energy healing, has changed my perspective on what’s necessary in terms of medications versus helping my children heal themselves. It’s a mind-blowing and eye opening journey we’ve been on as a family - thanks to Ashley.
Life changing As a psychotherapist and energy healer myself, it’s my opinion that Ashley is the real thing. She is tapped into resources and solutions that I wasn’t aware were available. Her loving approach helped me to access what had been previously hidden for deeper and lasting healing thus assisting me to create the life I truly desire especially in the most challenging areas. I highly recommend her.
Sundari Dennis, San Diego
Fantastic Thriving Sensitive Adult Program! Really great program! The energy work was awesome. At one point I could feel the energy starting at my ankles and rolling up my legs, it would stop just above my knee and then start again. It was very powerful. Also I slept like a log! This morning I felt a little foggy and not grounded but that is starting to wear off. What a big transformation!
Warm and inviting Ashley is warm and inviting. My first visit was beyond my expectations. She takes her time to get to know you and see how best she can help you. She is quick to respond and goes out of her way to help! I have and would again recommend her to anyone that is seeking a better understanding of healing and how to help themselves.
Healing for athletic injuries My son injured his ankle playing basketball. It looked like he had a tennis ball on his ankle and had dark purple bruising. 24 hours after the injury I contacted Ashley. My son received energy healing while he slept and in the morning the swelling was significantly reduced and the bruising was gone! So happy we had Ashley’s help.
She Heals Adults, Too! I had a resistant infection (not a super-bug, but a serious one) and two courses of antibiotics didn't help. I contacted Ashley, and she did her work remotely, as she was between offices at the time. I am really, ecstatically happy to report that I have had three lab tests from three different labs over a period of three weeks and there was no sign of bacterial infection. I truly am thankful, Ashley!
Energy healing of sore throat & ears Ashley is incredibly intuitive and I am grateful that she assisted in the restoration of my wellness through helping me clear a virus attached to trapped energy around anxiety I was feeling towards others. I’d had a sore throat for over 6 days that was extremely painful. I worked with Ashley in the evening and by the next morning I was already feeling a bit better. By the next night completely we’ll and the pain has not returned. She is a powerful energy shifter that guides willing participants back to their wholeness and they embrace it when ready. I was ready right away and as a result felt the positive shifts very quickly.
Cathy M.
A true miracle in my life :) My life changed when I met Ashley 6 years ago. My healing emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically is remarkable. It is difficult to put into words how gifted Ashley is and all that she does to assist in life changing transformation. You have everything to gain by experiencing Ashley's healing :)
Cari, San Diego CA
Remote Healing - Helped with healing fracture My son broke his foot, the fifth metatarsal, the evening before Thanksgiving. Needless to say, this put a small hiccup into our holiday, as we spent Thanksgiving at Urgent Care getting an X-ray and setting him up with a splint and crutches. He was complaining of a little pain and I did give him some ibuprofen which helped with his inflammation. That evening, Ashley reached out and asked if I would like her to assist my son while he slept with a remote energy healing. I did not have experience with this before, but I was willing to try if this could help him heal. After the remote healing, he didn't complain of it hurting anymore. When I asked him directly about pain, he said it only hurts when he spreads his toes. We made it into an orthopedic doctor 5 days later and he was put in a boot. His class had a field trip the next day and my son walked on his foot all day with no complaints and I actually had to spend the next 3 weeks telling him to slow down or stop jumping. 4 weeks after the break, his foot was x-rayed and the doctor said it was fully healed and it would be a couple weeks before he was running again. My son left the doctor and bounded to the car declaring that he could "frolic around once again." His former injury activity level returned immediately. I did notice that he limped a little because of the range of motion being restricted in the boot. But whenever I inquired about any pain, he said it felt great. Thank you, Ashley, for reaching out and helping us through this injury!
Coco Tanner-Smith
Ashley Lee is Amazing! My time meeting with Ashley has been helpful in so many ways and on so many levels. She has shown me the tools that I need for healing my body, mind and spirit.
Diane Stuckey, San Deigo, CA
Good Stuff! "For the first time in my life, I gave my doctor a high five after he gave me my blood pressure and echocardiogram results today. My heart is excellent and all the high blood pressure readings at the doctors' have actually been "White Coat Syndrome!" Ailments I have had recently have been caused by "side effects" of medicine that wasn't even necessary!" I had previously been to the ER with side effects from blood pressure medication. After a couple sessions with Ashley I went on the diet and healing plan she outlined for me and in combination with her healing sessions - got so much better with the latest success being this doctor's visit just mentioned. Good stuff! Thanks Ashley!
Lindy Cali, Vista, CA
Energy healing has become real and powerful to me! Energy healing has become real and powerful to me. I've had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder for many years. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis-degeneration but what it felt like to me was stuck. My neck was about to fuse several years ago and I was recently approved for shoulder replacement surgery. My doctor stopped taking my insurance and I had to start over with a new doctor. New approval, clearance for surgery, and I couldn't bring myself to do it. I called Ashley about helping me with pain management because I didn't want to start taking narcotics for the pain. Ashley and I started on a journey together and my life has changed! The stuck feeling is gone and the energy is moving! You know the pain scale they always ask you to use to rate your pain, well it was a 10 when I started sessions with Ashley a few months ago and now it is at a 2! Amazing? Yes! Ashley is teaching me to facilitate my own ongoing healing. God is good and has given Ashley a tremendous gift of helping people to help themselves heal.
Deran Mooradhian, San Diego CA
Your Work is Profound! Thank you kindly for the amazing session yesterday! I very much appreciate your kindness and generosity. Your work has been profoundly helpful to me, and I am very grateful to you.
Aubrey Pierce, San Diego, CA
We are forever grateful that we have Ashley in our lives. If I could pay a compliment to someone who has helped us manage our health and wellbeing I hope to do it here. Meeting Ashley was an utter blessing. She has forever changed my son’s health, day to day functioning, and perception of himself. My oldest son now 9 was a pretty sensitive kid. He had activity induced asthma which began at age 2. The Asthma would show up after being active soccer, running, bike riding etc. We began treating his Asthma with nutrition by eliminating gluten. Success. And by avoiding gluten I mean he could not even touch it. As long as he completely avoided gluten he never had to use his inhaler. My son also suffered from anxiety in certain situations. I had talked to him for years about what caused his anxiety. We never could button down a trigger. Initially we started with Ashley for the anxiety but quickly learned of her abilities with allergies and began incorporating focus on both issues. After one session my son showed significant improvement in his anxiety. I remember leaving her office and he rambled for two+ hours about how he felt relieved. Ashley taught him how to use color therapy. She enabled his own strength by teaching him he has the ability to heal himself. After more sessions he learned much of his anxiety was caused by his spiritual connection and the lack of knowledge when navigating it. We have had four or five sessions with Ashley and I can tell you his “anxiety” is 100% gone as well as his intolerance to gluten. It has remained so for over a year. My son has accidentally eaten gluten twice in the last year and NO inhaler was needed. Ashley went far and above what we expected to find under her care. She has transformed our lives forever. Ashley not only offers healing but she offers knowledge. She empowers her patients. My son has taken the techniques he learned and uses them when he needs them. My parents live 500 miles away and we see them only a few times a year. They have watched the changes in my son and are also in absolute awe! We are forever grateful that we have Ashley in our lives.
Helped to cure my digestive problems and more Ashlee has helped me to cure a life long digestive problem as well as deep negative issues that I have inadvertently held onto for many years which, we have discovered, slowed my healing of various orthopedic problems as well as finding the cause of some chronic pain in my body. Ashlee is very passionate about her goal to help heal your body through energy work, something I admit, I was skeptical of at first. However each time I have worked with Ashlee I realize how spot on she has been to finding physical issues in my body that are the root causes of chronic pain and/or other problems. She has helped me get in touch with the many layers of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self which in turn has taught me how to let go of what holds me back, flow in life and look for the positives around me. She has not only saved me money (a root canal I almost had which she felt I didn't need and she was right) but has changed my life. Thank You!!
Jen B
Amazing! My son and I recently had our session with Ashley. Having done workshops with Ashely before, my son has begged me to see her ever since! According to him, "it was so cool how I learned that water looks and even tastes different when I think different thoughts. It was super relaxing and I was full of energy the rest of the night." My time with Ashley always proves to be exactly what I need when I need it. She has helped me realize my emotional roadblocks and get a better feel for my full potential. Energy healing is powerful and I am so grateful to know this special soul who is teaching me endless ways I can stay healthy in mind, body and spirit:)))
Jeanette Chase
Another amazing Remote Healing for my son! Thank you so much for another amazing healing Ashley Lee. My 4 year old was up all night with an ear ache, I called Ashley this am and by the time he woke she had REMOTELY healed him! He was asking for Ashley to heal his ear at 2am, bless his little heart ❤️ you are such an amazing Person!
Jennifer Dotson, Honolulu HI
Baby is sleeping better! Thank you, Ashley ~ The baby's eczema is all gone and now sleeps so good!
Jeanette Chase, Encinitas, CA
Remote Healings We all know how bad the flu season has been this year... It fled through my house like wild fire! On day 3 of a fever for my 6 year old and not getting out of bed, I called Ashley, about 5 minutes after speaking w her and her remotely healing Hana my husband called me and said Hana is finally up and asking for food!! He hadn't even known yet that I called Ashley and we were both amazed yet again!!! Ashley has done wonders for my family from allergies to infections. Thank you!!!
Jessica Ealson, San Diego, CA
Teaching our Children Energy Healing Skills - Saved our Son! Thank you, miss Ashley for teaching my children how they are able to help heal themselves with Energy Healing... It saved our Son! A few weeks ago, my middle son got stung by a Scorpion. We brought him in the house and I went upstairs to look online to determine what kind of scorpion it was, so we knew how serious it was and what to do about it. My husband and the other children worked quickly on him. They used the energy healing you had taught them and pulled out the scorpion venom to heal it. Turns out it was a Bark Scorpion, the kind that is potentially fatal. He had no effects whatsoever. Not on symptom. Not even swelling at the sting site. By the next day, we could hardly even see where he was stung. We took him to the ER any way, but they sent us home and did nothing to care for him, because he was fine. He was healed! Thank you! We are so grateful.
Kathrin Lehmann, Encinitas, CA
I was not aware Energy Healing could be so Powerful for my Children! I was not aware of energy healing until my chiropractor recommended seeing Ashley for an issue that she was not able to totally help me with: my 6 months old's asthma stemming from RSV virus. He was so congested and asthmatic from an infection at about 8 months old that he hadn't been able to breath well for at least 10 days. The day after the healing session with Ashley the congestion was gone and he breathed normal! I still can't believe that it worked, but it did! Now we are working on treating his asthma overall, by trying to clear the causes. That is still work in progress, but I can certainly see improvements. Infections that my daughter brings home from preschool, do not anymore go straight to his lungs and cause asthma. Ashley has also helped us with clearing ear infections without antibiotics and clearing the negative side effects of antibiotics when those were needed. Amazingly, my son had 0 side effects with Ashley's involvement versus before when Ashley was not involved. My daughter was able to heal a heavy ear infection without antibiotics with Ashley's help. Ashley goes to the bottom of issues and takes your psyche into account. This is healing on a much different level than going to a doctor to cure symptoms. Ashley also gives me, the mother, advice on how to use my energy to help my kids heal themselves. I am still new to the energy healing concept, but amazed, intrigued and convinced!
Coco Tanner-Smith, San Diego
My Sensitive 12 Year Old Son I have a sensitive 12 year old boy who has several challenges in life, including sensory, auditory and visual processing issues. He has a severe speech and language delay and has been receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy and educational remediation basically all of his life. After my son's initial appointment with Ashley I noticed an immediate change with him. We went to a dinner party, a situation where I would typically need to manage my son quite a bit. I realized after the party that I hadn't had to do any managing of his behavior. The following day we had a house full of kids which, in the past, would get to be too much for him and he would have conflict and eventually excuse himself and find a place to be alone. Sensory Overload. But that familiar scenario did not happen. He stayed engaged with his peers and participated in their day of games and fun. There were many times where situations could have gotten to be too much for him. But I noticed he had a great day and there was no conflict or me having to step in. Changes have been gradual but noticeable. Thank you Ashley.
Aubrey Pierce, San Diego, CA
The Remote Energy Healing Worked! Thank you, Miss Ashley! He is doing great! The night after you did the Remote Energy Healing... His entire body scabbed over (all the sores)from his Chicken Pox outbreak he had developed 3 days earlier. He did get a few new ones but he basically turned that corner that night and felt so much better. Thank you for helping to clear his illness!
Kathryn Bishop, Los Angeles, CA
You are Amazing!

"You are an amazing person and a great facilitator to get us in balance."

Thank you, for the Remote Energy Healing process!

Keri Woodward, Encinitas, CA
Your insights are Amazing! Thank you Ashley for the many times you helped our 7 year old as she was struggling with illness, discomfort in her body, and social-emotional challenges. I am beyond grateful for your deeply intuitive knowing & healing perspective <3 With Much Gratitude
Kristal Peterson, San Diego, CA
You changed my son's life for the better! My son has been doing really well ever since we saw you. You changed his life for the better. I can't thank you enough!! I recommend you to all my friends!